Fark, why we always sidetrack from the core issue on hand but focus on menial shits? Like what in the news today – ‘Camera phones probably will be banned from police station” WTF? Hello??? The issue is not about whether we should use camera handphones in police station but it’s the police brutality issue here k?? Cheebuy.. they should spend more time brushing up their attitudes, not coming up with such stupid rules. Oh ya maybe it’s a good idea. Ban camera phones, so they can kick anyone they like in there, easier to cover up as there will be no evidence.. great.. 🙂 Thumbs up!! Boleh!! Malaysia Boleh!! “Kita mungkin tak benarkan telefon bimbit kamera ni di tempat-tempat tertentu atau yang sensitif seperti balai polis. Ini untuk mengelakkan ia disalahgunakan seperti untuk mengaibkan nama polis’ Mengaibkan my head. They brought it upon themselves. Nobody is out there to mengaibkan them. Why scared of people want to aibkan them if they never do anything mengaibkan? Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. “You shall be brave if you are right, fearful only if you are wrong.” There’s nothing to hide, unless they got jerangkung dalam almari. Oh yeah mari menyanyi.. JERANGKUNG DALAM ALMARI!!!! WARGHHHH WAAARGHHHH!! 😀 Sorry…damn bored now, tv3 showing Siti pok and Datuk K bersanding, tv1 showing mawi and ina stories.. Wadafak!! What happens to our country? Kepoh about these where there are many other more important things to do.. How to improve our transportation system, why we have dumb politicians leading us, why MAS asyik asyik rugi saja.. orang lain untung dia rugi.. why we got so many projects terbengkalai.. shelved.. then bailed out by the government, why accident rates in Malaysia among the highest in the world, how come Proton car design so farking ugly but still approved to be produced and sell, why every year we have haze and we can’t do a shit about it (how about Bulan Melawat Malaysia Dan Menikmati Pemandangan Indah Cuaca Berjerebu? Maybe can sell, since we have it every year now), why when we call the government department at 10am, the staffs always ’keluar makan’, and the list goes on and on.. feel free to add on..


~ by bongkersz on August 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Fark!”

  1. yeah .. true la .. datuk k? who is he again?

  2. datuk khalid muhammad jiwa

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