Streamyx sux!

Damn it, internet connection at my house got problem. So will not online for the next few days (hopefully only for few days.. but based on experience, the last time our internet connection got problem, it took 2 farking months for them to sort it out.. only after countless of threat begging calls from us). This message is for streamyx or TM.

 Hoi!! What the fark happened to my service? Dah lah always disconnected while surfing, and although our nation is the 1st in this region to come up with MSC concept, why the fark we are so lagging behind now?? Wake up you lazy ass people. Do something. if you can’t compete with other countries in term of connection speed, at least do your customers here good. Make us happy! Cheebuy, talk so much also no use. As always you will only say ‘ Kita akan kaji.. kita tengah dalam proses.. ‘ Fark!! Damn tulan…

p/s: Cannot ‘mencarut’ in BeeM hehee.. cancel use BeeM to blog for today. Continue for other day 😛


~ by bongkersz on August 9, 2006.

7 Responses to “Streamyx sux!”

  1. nasib la labu .. ha ha ha .. keep cool hellboy!

  2. oits! update update… hehe

  3. Cannot update la. Still no internet connection. Sob sob. Cheebuy streamyx. The technician changed the port yesterday, but still can’t connect

  4. i heard from my friend that streamyx want to limit our bandwidth.
    those user that using p2p or bit torrent will get dc.they will get connected back after 5-10min.thats FUCK~!~!~!
    even those user that play online game and use too much bandwidth will get dc as well.
    WTF wif this?
    i though streamyx always said ‘always on connection’ ?
    reli FUCK UP

  5. that’s very fark up news… 😀

  6. he he he .. they suck ass big time dude .. farker

  7. Hmmm.. Streamyx SuX la, Alway Disconnet and Slowing…
    1G like 256 – –

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